The following testimonials are by our students who’s lives have changed by practicing Bikram Yoga.

Their stories tell us that Bikram Yoga brings us new hopes in our life and Bikram Yoga Petaluma provides the key elements to maintain a regular, consistent practice, in a fun and friendly environment.

Annie Haught

When I started Bikram yoga 5 months ago, I got encouragement to try it from my co-worker Laura. I asked her, do you have to be in shape to do it? She said No! Well as of this writing I have lost 28 pounds. (I usually come 4 days a week). I have cut my sleeping medication in half. My back pain is better. ...Read More

Alison Struppa

Health and fitness have always been a big part of my life both professionally and as a personal lifestyle. When the idea of going to a Bikram Yoga came up I had very little interest. I had a great fitness plan already. It just took one class and I loved it! It’s an excellent total body workout. Time ...Read More


Yoga is not something we can hold off or turn off, it is the equivalent of a force of nature -- like wind or water.

Mari Stephens

Three years ago, at the urging of my children, I gave Bikram Yoga a try. At the time, even with my usual practice of running and swimming, I was having increasing difficulty coping with the mounting troubles in my life. I never understood why anyone would want to exercise indoors; the idea of a heated ...Read More


Solutions are not the answer; Bikram Yoga Petaluma is the answer!

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